german coal digger youtube

german coal digger youtube

Monster Machine! Worlds biggest excavator in full .Sep 30, 2012 . . an encounter with the worlds biggest bucket wheel excavator, Bagger 288 ( Excavator 288 ) build by Krupp in 1978. It is the largest moving land vehicle and is even larger then NASA's Crawler Transporter (that carried the Space Shuttle) Impression of the daily coal mining capacity: 240.000 cubic meters.Bagger 288!May 1, 2009 . This is the Bagger 288! Get the mp3 from iTunes here! Subscribe:

Biggest excavator in the worldMar 20, 2014 . Would you like to see how it work ? One of the most familiar and preferred loading machines in large surface mini.Energy production: The Open-Cast Mining Garzweiler II in Germany .Feb 28, 2012 . In Europe, lignite mined takes place for a large part in Germany and the lignite is expected to remain dominant fuel for electricity generation. There are supplies in Germany of 40 billion tons, enough for the next 250 years. One of these German lignite opencast mines where brown coal is extracted is.


Bagger 288!

May 1, 2009 . This is the Bagger 288! Get the mp3 from iTunes here! Subscribe:

The Largest Land Vehicle Ever - Bagger 293 Bucket .

Jul 26, 2016 . Bagger 293, previously known as the MAN TAKRAF RB293, is a giant bucket-wheel excavator made by the German industrial company TAKRAF, formerly an East German Kombinat. It owns or shares some records for terrestrial vehicle size in the Guinness Book of Records.

Big, Bigger, BIGGEST! 3 MASSIVE MACHINES that move .

Apr 27, 2015 . Big, Bigger, BIGGEST! 3 MASSIVE MACHINES that move (and work!) (World's biggest / largest ever built!) NASA CRAWLER-TRANSPORTERS: The NASA crawler-transporte.

Germany Digging Coal in 2018 but is it a Good Idea?

2 days ago . It's 2018 and Germany is still digging coal. But is this a good idea, since Germany may lose large land masses to rising seas, in part fueled by it's CO2 emi.

german coal digger youtube,SchaufelradBagger 288 - Bucket-wheel excavator 288 .

Jul 8, 2016 . Momentan (Juli 2016) schaufeln die Bagger kurz vor dem Ort Borschemich! Mit einer Höhe von 96 m, einer Länge von 240 m und einem Gewicht von 13.500 t ist die.

Bagger 288 - Wikipedia

Bagger 288 (Excavator 288), built by the German company Krupp for the energy and mining firm Rheinbraun, is a bucket-wheel excavator or mobile strip mining machine. The Bagger 288 bucket-wheel excavator. When its construction was completed in 1978, Bagger 288 superseded Big Muskie as the heaviest land vehicle.

Stupid, Antiquated German Regulations Mean Germans Couldn't Watch .

During the course of the video, we discovered (via some tweets) that people in Germany were blocked from watching. As I said in the video, I assumed that this was part of the dispute in Germany between YouTube & GEMA, the German collection society that is demanding huge fees for any music that is.

350 – The end of coal is near – actions in the Rhineland August .

Aug 27, 2017 . Thousands just took bold action to #endcoal in the Rhineland, Germany – August 2017. Photo: Tim Wagner . A massive 3000 people formed a “red line” human chain in protection of the nearby Hambacher forest, an ancient species-rich woodland which threatens to fall victim to the coal digger: Red Lines.

german coal digger youtube,People power shuts down German coal mine | Friends of the Earth .

May 19, 2016 . On the second weekend of May, thousands of people from across Europe gathered in a small corner of Lusatia, close to the German border with Poland. They were there for a weekend of anti-coal stunts and actions including a climate camp and demonstrations, next to one of the most polluting coal mines.

Activists to halt diggers at RWE coalfields in Germany | Environment .

Aug 14, 2015 . Despite an aggressive renewable energy push, Germany's emissions rose in 2012 and 2013 on an increase in coal use. In a bid to salvage progress towards its emissions target – a 40% cut from 1990 levels by 2020 – Berlin last December proposed a levy on coal power generation. It sparked a fierce.

Extreme Machines Earth Movers Pictures - Giant Shovel Digging .

Aug 16, 2010 . Stationed in the Hambach strip mine in western Germany's Rhineland, Bagger 293 digs for lignite, a low-grade coal used in steam–electric power plants. The Bagger's 71-foot-diameter wheel spins its 18 1452-gallon buckets, scooping up earth that it dumps onto a conveyor belt built into its boom arm.

This excavator is one of the largest land vehicles on Earth | Popular .

Apr 24, 2017 . Taller than the Statue of Liberty and heavier than the Eiffel Tower, this German mining machine is one of the largest land vehicles on Earth. . Once it reaches a seam of brown coal, or lignite, it can harvest 265,000 tons of fuel a day. And the crew this behemoth requires? A mere three to four people.

The biggest heavy equipment in the World. - Pinterest

The biggest heavy equipment in the World..

german coal digger youtube,Westworld: Dr. Ford's Gigantic World Sculpting Machine Is Real

Oct 27, 2016 . It can move 240,000 cubic metres (218,880 tonnes) of soil per day (the same as Bagger 288). The Bagger 293 weighs more than 31 million pounds and is the size of a 30 story building. The machine is used in coal mines of Western Germany, digging the earth above the buried coal, as well as the coal itself.

24 Digging Machines That Created a World Beneath Our Feet

Jun 11, 2014 . Engineers have done some pretty remarkable things in the past 200 years. But some of the most exciting have taken place entirely underground. From the digging of the NYC subway system to the Yucca Mountain tunnels, these machines are responsible for boring entire worlds below our feet.

Drifting through the Coal Mine - Resilience

May 18, 2016 . The arm of the digger—just over two meters long—creates a hollow space ideal for amplifying a portable sound-system. . Ende Gelaende, the Germany-based anti-coal group whose invasion of a German coal mine last year inspired the Ffos-y-Fran action, loudly proclaim: “we are the investment risk!

german coal digger youtube,German politician slaps down BBC host for criticising . - Daily Express

Feb 17, 2017 . A GERMAN politician vying to replace Angela Merkel as Chancellor has slammed a BBC host who accused him of “pandering to the far-right” by calling for a ban of the burka.

Top 10: Mega Earthmovers | Machinery | Mining Global

Sep 5, 2014 . This simple and efficient dragline is perfect for coal mining. 4.) Liebherr T 282B. The Liebherr T 282B is one of the largest-capacity dump truck in the world offering a payload capacity of roughly 400 tons. Introduced in Germany in 2004, this behemoth of a dump truck boasts a 3,650 horsepower engine with.

Antiwar Songs (AWS) - Coal Not Dole

20 mar 2012 . “Coal Not Dole” era uno slogan che compariva scritto un po' ovunque sui muri durante quel lungo e durissimo sciopero, contrassegnato dalle violenze della polizia e dalla morte di diverse persone, due manifestanti, un tassista che aveva trasportato un crumiro e tre ragazzini che morirono andando nei.

Australia becomes first country to ban carbon tax - Greenpeace USA

Jul 17, 2014 . A Greenpeace activist holds a banner reading "Coal is powering climate change" after having shut down a coal digger at Hazelwood, the developed world's most polluting coal power station. Greenpeace is demanding that Australia's Prime Minister Kevin Rudd take real action on climate change by.

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