copper slag flotation plant

copper slag flotation plant

Characterization and recovery of copper values from discarded slag .These oxide and sulfide phases of copper are mostly present within the slag phase and to some extent the slag is also embedded inside the oxide and sulfide phases. The recovery of copper values from the discarded slag has been explored by applying a flotation technique using conventional sodium isopropyl xanthate.Characterization and recovery of copper values from discarded slag2004). In the Black Sea Cop- per Works, Turkey, about 100 000 tons of slag are treated annually by the flotation process, after being crushed and ground, to recover additional copper values (Arslan & Ars- lan 2002). However, it has been estimated that a copper recovery higher than 80% is required to make such a process.

Management of copper pyrometallurgical slags: giving . - SAIMMare presented. Since, final copper slag contain around 1% of copper, its recovery from the slag could be economically accepted if no expensive treatments are found, such as techniques mixing pyro and hydrometallurgical processes or concentration by flotation as it has been established in some concentration plants.Paper - Slag Valorisation Symposiumconsequences. The copper industry as an example currently process ores containing less than 1% copper with discard of 99% of the weight of this material including overburden, tailings and slag from mining, flotation and smelting operations. The primary metal production industry has given much attention to the improved.


Characterization and recovery of copper values from discarded slag

2004). In the Black Sea Cop- per Works, Turkey, about 100 000 tons of slag are treated annually by the flotation process, after being crushed and ground, to recover additional copper values (Arslan & Ars- lan 2002). However, it has been estimated that a copper recovery higher than 80% is required to make such a process.

the effect of cooling rate of slag from primary copper production in .

THE EFFECT OF COOLING RATE OF SLAG FROM PRIMARY. COPPER PRODUCTION IN THE VALORIZATION OF COPPER. IN THE FLOTATION PROCESS. Aleksandar Mihajlović1, Željko Kamberović2, Marija Korać2, Milorad. Gavrilovski1, Nikola Jovanović1. 1Innovation Center of the Faculty of Technology and.

Effect of grinding time on flotation recovery of copper smelting slags .

slags together with Cu-Mo ores was described, and the ways to optimize the slag flotation process have been examined [13]. The results obtained for the flotation of the converter slags were presented, and the effect of the combined flotation of the slags with the ores on the copper recovery has also been evaluated.

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Majdanpek mine and flotation processing plant located some 80 km northeast of Bor. The copper ore treatment process in RTB Bor produces significant amounts of mine waste material such as: mining waste, flotation tailing and copper slag (Stanojlovic et al., 2014). Mine waste can be defined as waste materials that result.

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Aug 1, 1993 . The number of flotation circuits to allocate to slag was determined by the excess capacity of the flotation operation. Initially, the facility was disposing of slag on the ground without any containment. Currently, to recover copper, Magma grinds the slag, removes the copper through the flotation process, and.

copper flotation from converter slags

Aug 25, 2016 . This is a simple video slideshow, if you want to know more details, please click on our website spellightbaptistschool , we will provide a p.

Hydrophobic-surface of copper from converter slag in the flotation .

The converter slag from a smeltery in Daye contains 2.01% copper. The floatability of copper has a significant influence on the flotation of converter slag. Flotation tests, contact angle tests and FTIR were conducted to assess the influences of pH and different flotation concentrators on its hydrophobic process, mechanism.

Recovery of Copper from Copper Smelter Slag by Flotation

The recovery of copper from copper smelter slag utilizing flotation has been studied. A copper smelter slag from the Wang Jiaqiao smelter in Yunnan Province of china, containing 2.76% Cu, 44.41% Fe, 2.34% Zn and 18.4g/t Ag and so on, has been used .The effective factors such as grinding fineness, pH, and the dosage.

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In general, froth flotation is not used to concentrate copper oxide ores, as oxide minerals are not responsive to the froth flotation chemicals or process (i.e.; they do not bind to the kerosene-based chemicals). Copper oxide ores have occasionally been treated via froth flotation via sulfidation of the oxide minerals with certain.

copper slag flotation plant,comparative results of copper flotation from smelter slag and .

Smelter slag is obtained in the process of metallurgical converting of copper concentrate in the Smel- ter Plant in Bor, Serbia. Today, the reserves of this material are evaluated at about more of a year, with the average copper content of 0.6-0.9%. Production of copper concentrate by flotation of smelter slag has started in.

Industrial Tests to Modify Molten Copper Slag for Improvement of .

In this article, to improve the recovery of copper from copper slag by flotation process, industrial tests of the modification process involving addition of a composite additive into molten copper slag were conducted, and the modified slag was subjected to the flotation process to confirm the modification effect. The phase.

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Due to the metallurgical process technology, the slag from the flash furnace and the converters contains residual copper which is extracted through grinding and flotation. Two products are obtained at the slag flotation plant: flotation copper concentrate and flotation product called fayalite or iron-silicate fines. Fayalite is.

Recovery of Copper and Cobalt from Concentrate and Converter Slag

This study was designed to recover copper and cobalt hydrometallurgically from an enriched concentrate of flotation and converter slag. Three slag samples collected from the . The hydrometallurgical process involves sulfurizing the slag and then roasting the samples to form CuSO4 and CoSO4. The roasted samples were.

copper slag flotation plant,phase composition, structure and catalytic activity in oxidation .

Jun 1, 2017 . In accordance with the current best available techniques in pyrometallurgical copper production, copper slag gener- ated in the process of smelting and converting undergoes flotation decoppering. Thus, a slag concentrate is obtained from the crystallized slag, that is used separately, and a fayalite waste.

Arch. Min. Sci., Vol. 59

ground, to recover additional copper values. The plant feeds are of about 0,7% Cu respectively and containing mainly sulphide copper minerals, with a significant amounts of oxide minerals. Precious metals are also presents in the copper slag. In the copper slag flotation plant is achieved unexpectedly poor metal recovery.

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Metallurgical and mineral processing industries generate a huge amount of wastes in the form of fines, slimes, slag, sludge etc.; the primary aim has been directed towards the development of a zero waste technology by the utilization of such by-products or other industrial wastes. So, copper slag was subjected to indepth.

copper slag flotation plant,US3868440A - Recovery of metal values from copper slag - Google .

A hydrometallurgical process for treating slag material, especially copper smelter slag material, comprises vigorously mixing the slag material with about one part by weight of sulfuric acid and about one part by weight of . Flotation processes have had only marginal success in the recovery of the values from slag material.

Separating and Recycling of Fe, Cu, Zn from Dumped Copper Slag .

lower compared to that of traditional processes, reaction time of the new process was decreased by 90 min. . cooling results in an amorphous and homogeneous case with respect to metal distribution. When copper slag is cooled with water, there are usually crystalline . Such methods mainly focus on flotation separation.


Copper slag from copper matte smelting contains iron, which forms fayalite (Fe2SiO4) as the major constituent. Because of its ... described an industrial flotation process for copper slag at. Mount Isa Mines Limited in Australia. The slag is ground prior to flotation. Using sodium s-butyl xanthate as a collector, methyl isobutyl.

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Jan 11, 2016 . In addition some copper occurs as Enargite a copper arsenic sulfo-salt mineral with formula (Cu3AsS4) Copper also occurs in carbonate form such as Malachite, . In regard to flotation the sulphides are usually easy to float, however the oxides and carbonates require pre-treatment by a process known as.

The Effect of Bed Thickness and Cooling Time on the Rate of .

Feb 20, 2018 . Khatoonabad Copper Smelter Plant . Thus, the slow cooling process of electric furnace slag is simulated in a small ditch through a practical experiment . copper. Flotation [25-27], hydrometallurgical methods [28-32] and copper slags returning to the EF [33] are applied in copper recovery from the slags.

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